Addiction, Recovery & Outdoor Education Training Program.

The Adventure Project and Colaiste Dhulaigh College of Further Education have partnered up to deliver a BTEI program in Addiction, Recovery & Outdoor Education.

BTEI means back to education initiative and gives unemployed adults the opportunity to return to education while retaining their benefits.

Candidates who haven’t completed Leaving Certificate can take up this course to try new subjects at an accessible level, as a stepping stone to further education, to improve employment prospects and to gain confidence.

Students must be in receipt of a dept of social protection payment or be on a CE or TUS scheme before starting.

About the Course

This is a 2 year integrated educational, recovery and adventure activity programme that aims to support participants to develop physically, socially and personally. The programme encourages educational achievement, physical wellness and reduction in harmful behaviours. The course is run for 15 hours a week over 3 days. students who pass all modules in year 1 can progress to a second year.

The syllabus includes 2 days a week on adventure activities  including rock climbing, kayaking and orienteering as well as a day in the  classroom where students are given the chance to gain skills and knowledge in a range of subjects in a supportive environment.

This course is aimed specifically at adults in recovery who are stable or drug free. We see this as working in collaboration with addiction and recovery groups who would continue to provide the therapeutic interventions or with recovering users who have finished a rehabilitation program.


Students who successfully complete the program will be in a good position to progress onto further education in a wide range of subjects at level 5 , from adventure sports to community development, social care or a range of related areas.

There is also the option to progress to addiction studies at level 7.

Graduates will also enjoy enhanced employability in a range of areas.


The syllabus will include the following modules in 1st year

And the following modules in the 2nd year


We believe, and there is evidence to back it up, that a program like this can have major benefits to people in recovery. Educational adventure sports programs have been proven to provide the following positive outcomes to participants

  • Having fun & building positive memories
  • Improved employability
  • Enhanced access to third level education
  • Education in diet, health and fitness encouraging a return to a healthy lifestyle
  • Increase in problem-solving capabilities, self-awareness, self-esteem and self-efficacy
  • Clients developing and benefiting from a supportive network of peers
  • Re orienting value systems through finding new strengths
  • Improved interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence

By careful use of the work experience module and providing opportunities for students to volunteer with groups and clubs that we currently work with in the city we can assist in helping clients to

  • Re integrate in their community
  • Believe that they can reach their potential and help them to start this journey
  • Become role models for young people and others starting their recovery journey
  • Learn that they have skills and attributes to offer their families and wider community
  • Develop environmental and social responsibility
  • This would also help the local community to see people in recovery in a different light

Another beneficial aspect of this course would be visiting wild natural places and engaging with nature which has been shown to

  • Be beneficial to mental health & wellness
  • Be helpful in the growth of spiritual maturity
  • Provide important opportunities for reflection

Student Criteria

  • Students must be 18 years or older on the first day of the course
  • Students must be on 50ml or less or equivalent
  • Students must have a letter from their doctor confirming their fitness to participate fully in the programme.
  • Students must be in receipt of a dept of social protection payment or be on a CE or TUS scheme before starting.

Application process

Applicants requiring further information should contact

Or complete the referral form which can be found here

Applications can be made anytime with interviews taking place during the month of August  (date to be confirmed)

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