Young People in Care

The Adventure Project run therapeutic adventure programs for young people with experience of the care system which involves the use of challenges found in nature (such as rock climbing, white water activities, camping etc) to provide growth experiences that can help people make fundamental changes in their lives.

Therapeutic benefits of our programs often include establishing a deeper connection with the natural world, nurturing the ability to trust one’s community through the experience of teamwork, developing a healthier approach to the issue of control, taking responsibility for one’s actions and how those actions impact others, and increasing feelings of self-esteem, joy and pleasure.

The goal of these programs is to provide young people people with opportunities and skills to deal with difficult situations so that they can then draw upon these experiences in their everyday lives.

Young people can move on from participating in an adventure program to joining one of our adventure or kayaking clubs where they will have the opportunity to continue to develop important soft skills within a peer group. These groups are fun, engaging and allow young people to experience adrenaline rushes in a prosocial environment.


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